I am a full-stack engineer with one year of experience in web development, including experience in real business production. My expertise lies in NextJS frontend development and backend services management. I excel in project management, code review, feature planning, and testing.

Working at LeadBest. I am responsible for the development of the company's official website and maintaining related modules.

  • Adopting the Scrum development process and effectively fulfilling customer requirements with the help and communication of cross-functional teams.
  • Creating new frontend projects using internal templates and maintaining related modules.

Additionally, I actively participate in open-source projects online, gaining experience in document writing and feature enhancements. During my leisure time, I explore new technologies to complete my own side projects.

I possess a knack for rapid learning to solve problems and exhibit a high level of resilience. I dare to step out of my comfort zone and embrace new endeavors. I am passionate about acquiring knowledge in emerging technologies and finding fulfillment in their achievements. Furthermore, I take pleasure in sharing my skills with others.


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